Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Black Coffee in Bed....

Some mornings are just so chilly the only thing I can do is climb back in bed with a steaming cup of Java before my toes freeze.  Thank goodness I know how to knit warm socks!  There's no snow on the ground, but everything outside my window this morning was covered with a thin layer of frost.  It was about 25 degrees outside, which is just where I like it this time of year.  Astonishingly, we've already had our first snow, short lived as it was.  I'm personally hoping for more.  This November has been absolutely jam packed with writing tasks and I just work better when things are cozy inside and brisk outdoors.

I wish I could've enjoyed my coffee, happily daydreaming like the gal in the painting above, but I had my notebook out and was jotting down the last 500 or so words I didn't finish the night before to meet my Nanowrimo quota for the day.  I'm happy to say that I've managed to scratch out (more or less) my word count each day, making up for off days here and there.  What's really surprising me is how much I'm loving my Nano novel this time.  Maybe being utterly distracted and ridiculously overworked inspires me...  Uh oh!

Anyway, I still have a fairly hefty hunk of words to squeeze out today if I'm to stay on track, but my little "noveling" interlude this morning was so sweet I had to memorialize it somehow.  I'm aging myself, of course, to point out the soundtrack going through my head as I wrote, but what can I say -- I'm a child of the 80's.  I've included a reminder here for those of you who aren't already humming it yourselves:

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