Monday, November 1, 2010

On your mark, get set....

...and we're off!  Nanowrimo has begun today in earnest.  I haven't even started yet; it's 9:45pm and I'm sitting here blogging.  Insane!  I have to get something barely short of 1700 words written in the next 2 hours... just to stay on course.  Besides, the bar has already been set fairly high.  I have a friend who has already logged over 3,000 words today (and you know who you are, DELANEY!).  Of course, I'm endlessly jealous, but also endlessly proud of said friend.

Our plumbing is still on the fritz and I'll be dealing with the septic tank people bright and early tomorrow morning -- let's all sing together -- Happy Birthday to me....   sigh.  No, I won't say that it's a crappy way to spend a birthday -- that would just be too, too.....

But, I'm off to novel.  I hope all my noveling buddies make their quotas for the day!  Good Luck All J


  1. Whew... made it! 1886 words with 30 minutes to spare. Callin' it a night!

  2. Yeah! It is absolutely great to find a NaNo knitter!
    Same as you, I won this year too.

    My ONLY complaint about NaNoWriMo is that it is set so close to Christmas. Instead of being able to relax or recover and/or catch up on the undone housework, one has to dive right in to Christmas and holiday preparations. (Of course, during November I also complain about producing the magic number of 1,667 words per day.)

    I wonder if I missed a forum of NaNo'ing knitters?