Online Writing Evaluation

Want help evaluating your child's writing?  I provide specific feedback designed to help your child improve in many areas including:  structure and organization, unity and coherence, content, grammar and syntax and overall argumentative effectiveness.  Using the "review" function in MS Word, I'll insert comments and suggestions and return the the writing sample to you with a complete evaluation and recommendations for areas that need further study.

My rates are listed below on a "price per essay" basis and all include a 2-part review.  Revision is essential to strong writing, so each essay evaluation will include follow-up comments if the student wishes to revise an essay and re-submit for further comments within 2 weeks of the original evaluation.

Price per Essay (2-Part Review - see above)
        1-500 words =  $30
  500-1000 words = $38
1000-1500 words = $46
1500-2000 words = $54
2000-2500 words = $64
Each additional 1-500 words = +$10

For more information or to submit an essay for review, please email me at
I look forward to working with you to improve your child's writing skills!

About me:  I have over a decade of experience teaching freshman writing at local universities, such as the University of Southern California (USC), Pepperdine University, California State University Northridge (CSUN) and California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) and have been teaching writing to homeschoolers for the last three years at the Huckleberry Learning Center, located just north of Los Angeles.  For more on my philosophy of Teaching Writing to Homeschoolers, see these posts here and here.