Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chicken Yum - Easiest Recipe Ever!

I don't know about you, but I have a handful of recipes that I can make no matter how overdue my grocery shopping is.  My "Pantry Recipes" save me more times than I should probably admit.  This is a great one whether I have "nothing" in the fridge or if I just don't feel like cooking... which also is the case more often than I should probably admit.  The extra nice part about this one is that it really is best if you start it at around noon/1pm and cook on high until dinner time.  So, when I'm flailing about trying to figure what to make that night, it's okay that I didn't start this crock pot meal at 8am.

Anyway, my kids have dubbed this one "Chicken Yum!" and it's anything but original.  It's all over the internet (here's one version), though I've modified a bit.  As I've mentioned before, I buy big bags of Boneless/Skinless chicken breasts and just keep them in our freezer, so I always have those on hand.  I also keep salsa and canned beans/corn on hand, so those ingredients are standard, always available for me.  The one exception for this is that you need cream cheese.  We go through this pretty regularly for bagels, so I generally have this on hand too.

Fixing it couldn't be easier.  There are four of us and I like to have leftovers for lunches the next day because this just gets even better tasting overnight in the fridge -- don't ask me how.  So, I make a LOT!

Anyway, I take 3 cans of black beans, 1 can of pinto (or any combination you have on hand), 3 cans of corn, 2 jars of salsa and 3 b/s chicken breasts (frozen - and this is part of the ridiculous easiness of this recipe, you don't even have to defrost) and throw it all in the crock pot.  THAT'S IT!  ...until about 15 minutes before I want to have dinner and even then, there's not much more.  Add in about a block of cream cheese depending on how creamy you like your sauce.  My kids prefer less creamy, so I usually just use half a block.  Give it about 10-15 minutes for the cream cheese to melt, stir (chicken will shred easily by this time) and serve over rice or chips.  It makes great burritos too.

How's that for no fuss, no muss?

So here it is in "recipe" form:

CHICKEN YUM!  (Van Houten Style)
4 cans black or pinto beans (preferably a combination of both)
3 cans corn
2 jars salsa
3 b/s chicken breasts (frozen)
1 block cream cheese

Stick everything but the cream cheese in the crock pot on high for 4-5 hours.  15 minutes before serving, add cream cheese.  Stir and serve over rice or with chips.  YUM!

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