Saturday, November 13, 2010

Memorizing Facts through Music - Presidents!

I've gotten a number of emails asking me about the song my kids are learning in their U.S. Presidents class that has made it so easy for them to memorize all the names of the U.S. Presidents in order.  The class has been wonderful for my girls and I must credit their fabulous teacher, Sarah, for introducing them to this Animaniacs' song.  So, here's a video from Wakko, Yakko and Dot:

I've always had an easier time memorizing things like this when they're set to music -- it's why I loved Schoolhouse Rock as a kid.  Anyway, the Animaniacs are great for this.  They also have a wonderful version of the 50 States here! Enjoy!

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  1. Your last post got me thinking about the songs we use for learning. This one made it on my list too! Also the Universe Song and Countries of the World. :o) Songs are definitely one of the best ways to learn!