Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Cat Costume: Head to Tail!

Halloween knitting is complete.  I made Gracie a cat hat with ears and a kitty cat tail (which I will sew to her black leggings).  The pink yarn for the inside of the ears and the tip of the tail even Glows in the Dark.  How cool is that? Talk about a simple costume:  hat, tail, black leggings, long-sleeved black shirt, black boots -- add some whiskers and a little kitty nose (with face paints) and voila!  Black cat.  The pattern for the hat is here and the Ravelry link is here.  Last week I showed a picture of my sister's version, which served as inspiration:  here.  I made up my own pattern for the tail, but it turned out so darling, I'm including it below even though it's super simple.

Kitty Tail
Yarn:  150-200 yds of worsted weight (any color cat you want :) and Bernat Glow in the Dark (for tip).  I used pink!
Needles: Size 7 dpns

Cast on 21 stitches (divide 7 stitches onto each needle) and join in the round on dpns (being careful not to twist).  Knit in stockinette until your fingers feel as though they're about to drop off (or until you've reached desired length - be careful not to go too long here as you don't want it to drag on the ground).  Then for tip of tail, introduce Glow in the Dark Pink yarn using fair isle technique as follows.  It's beyond simple, but I'll write it out anyway:

Row 1:  K3 black, K1 pink, K6 black, K1 pink, K6 black, K1 Pink, K3 Black.
Row 2:  Repeat Row 1
Row 3:  K2 black, K3 pink, K4 black, K3 pink, K4 black, K3 pink, K2 Black.
Row 4:  Repeat Row 3
Row 5:  K1 black, K5 pink, K2 black, K5 pink, K2 black, K5 pink, K1 Black.
Row 6:  Repeat Row 5
Row 7:  K1 black, K6 pink, K1 black, K6 pink, K1 black, K6 pink.
Row 8   Repeat Row 7
Row 8-15:  Knit all in Pink

Then just Decrease
Row 16:  K5, K2Tog, K5, K2Tog, K5, K2Tog (18 Stitches remain)
Row 17:  K4, K2Tog, K4, K2Tog, K4, K2Tog (15 Stitches remain)
Row 18:  K3, K2Tog, K3, K2Tog, K3, K2Tog (12 Stitches remain)
Row 19:  K2, K2Tog, K2, K2Tog, K2, K2Tog (9 Stitches remain)
Row 20:  K1, K2Tog, K1, K2Tog, K1, K2Tog (6 Stitches remain)
Row 21:  K1, K2Tog, K1 K2Tog (4 Stitches remain)
Row 22:  K1, K2Tog, K1 (3 Stitches remain)
Row 23:  K1, K2Tog (2 Stitches remain)
Row 24:  K2Tog, break yarn and pull through remaining stitch, weave in end (inside out)

Optional:  Stuff with fiberfill and/or make a pompom and sew it to the tip :)

Here's a bonus pic of a pretty girl I know, decked out in her Halloween kitty hat :)
Cute, eh?


  1. that is adorable and I would love to learn to knit. HOlly! U must teach a knitting class please for the parents. The last time i knitted I was 19 in a ski school in Austria, it's time to learn again! Stacy (Spencers' mom)

  2. Hi Stacy -- always happy to teach knitting. I actually offered a class once at Huck, but it didn't get enough students to happen. It was going to be learn to knit, spin, crochet class. I'll have to mention to Stephanie again :)

    I want to hear more about the ski school in Austria though. Sounds amazing!