Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sewing Seeds Hat

By Holly Van Houten

Sewing Seeds Hat
I designed this hat to match a Christmas coat I made for my daughter (see below).  The coat features a combo of double seed stitch and stockinette, so I made the hat as close a match as I could.  

The Result:  A very quick knit (approximately 2-3 hours) and a stylish, TOTALLY REVERSIBLE HAT!  It fits older kids and adults because it has a good bit of stretch.

Pattern is Available Here: KnitPicks Patterns

Here's the Christmas coat I was trying to match:
The pattern for the coat is here.

Here's another picture of cute girl in hat:


  1. Love the pattern! Do I smell a Knitty submit? Also, what a beautiful girl.: )

  2. Hmmmm... Something to think about :) Ain't she cute!

  3. What a nice post -- perfect because I have chunky yarn at home waiting to be made into a hat! This looks like fun.

    Great job, beautiful daughter.

    Happy holidays!