Saturday, October 30, 2010

First Snow

I wasn't expecting this.  We rarely get snow before Thanksgiving, so an inch and a half before Halloween is a big deal around here.  It's beautiful this morning and so still.  Not even a wisp of breeze stirring these trees.  I do fear for my silver-leafed beauty -- you can see it leaning dramatically between the log house across the street and my redwood.  It just doesn't handle snow well when it's still in leaf.  It bent dangerously  two years ago during an early June snow and I'd just gotten used to the idea of it leaning like the tower in Pisa.  Now, I'm worried it may fall.  Still, it's a beautiful morning and the snow is a welcome surprise!  Wish I could stay inside, all cozy and knit something while looking at this beautiful view.... but it's off to Colburn for my budding musicians.  Hope it's still here when we get back!


  1. So, was it still there upon return?

  2. No Stephanie -- every bit had melted. I showed the picture to the girls' choir director and told him he must be pretty darn good, cause neither of my kids were willing to forgo his classes to stay home and play in the snow before it melted :)