Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Waiting... waiting.... waiting....

Today does feel a bit like a scene from Beckett's play.  A bit less cerebral... true, but still tedious.  The Final Cast list for the Peter Pan auditions will be posted for the kids today and hours, minutes, seconds are being counted.   They pass by excruciatingly slowly for my poor aspiring actresses.  Charlotte didn't get a final callback for Jane, but still has hopes for the part of Liza.  Grace did get a final callback for Tootles, one of the Lost Boys.  So we trekked down the mountain again last Sunday and she gave it her best shot.  She's having the hardest time today.  The appointed hour isn't even a sure thing.  The posting time on official documents says 5pm, but yesterday they were told 4pm.  Rumors are flying on the theater website and I'm trying to distract the waiting troops as best I can.  I'm sick today though and my energy is flagging.  They're losing themselves right now in an episode of Pinky & the Brain.  So, maybe the distraction will do them good.

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