Saturday, October 2, 2010

Noah's Flood!

I guess sometimes life needs to be illustrated.

Yesterday, Charlotte got an audition arranged with L.A. Opera.  Early in November, she'll be trying for a part in their Community Production of Benjamin Britten's Noye's Fludde -- his adaptation of the traditional medieval mystery play on Noah and his Arc, which will be performed downtown in the L.A. Cathedral this coming March.  She's trying for one of the Sons' Wives or for one of the Gossips -- all girl soprano roles.  Terrific chance to show what she can do and we're all pretty amped about it.  Grace isn't old enough to audition for a lead, but she'll be in the ensemble, which with all the little animal parts should be a blast!  And, yes it was on our mind today as we left the house around 8am and drove downtown for choir/opera workshop at Colburn, since we'll be enjoying that lovely drive downtown quite a bit more often if she gets the part.  So, did we somehow channel Noah and maybe leave him behind at the dome while we were gone?  I got home about 8pm tonight and the street coming up the hill was covered with mud, rocks and debris anywhere there was an exposed hillside.  Giant puddles greeted me in my driveway as we pulled up to the dome.  Oddly, the sky was completely clear -- full stars, so the apparently torrential downpour that had dumped on the neighborhood had been over for at least some good amount of time.  Lest you think I exaggerate the comparison to Noah's little shower, the dog food bowl in the back yard was overflowing.... OVERFLOWING with water -- that thing is like 4 inches deep!!  What happened here today?

Here's some of the Opera for mood music while you ponder along with me....

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