Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nano Novel Percolating!

Two weeks.... two weeks!  That's all the time I have left until NANOWRIMO begins.  I'm not the fly by the seat of my pants, no plot/no problem, type of gal and since I've been preaching the value of outlines and planning to my creative writing students all semester, I feel obliged to get my act together here and soon.  So, I've made a couple of decisions.  It will be a YA novel, with an escape type plot.  The main characters will be a brother and sister (I thinking angry and alienated) and I'm going to throw them into the woods, survivalist style (though they'll have a few amenities).  There will definitely be themes of abandonment, estrangement and  probably anti-tech.  I will undoubtedly find a way to get some character knitting something at some point and since I'm feeling Halloween in the air, I'll probably throw in a witch for good measure.  That said, I may completely change my mind by tomorrow.  Still, that's what's brewing now!  Any thoughts?

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