Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The final cast list for Peter Pan has come out and sadly, Charlotte didn't get cast as Liza.  They did make her an Ostrich dancer though and I'm sure she'll have fun with that.  It's not a speaking part, but several of her friends are doing that too and she'll enjoy it once the sting of not getting a lead wears off.

Gracie on the other hand -- hmmmm.... She didn't get Tootles or Braggs (roles she initially tried out for -- she even had a final callback for Tootles).  She didn't get twin (a role they called her back for).... but, she did apparently get something called "Mumbles" -- a lead lost boy.  Well, nobody has ever heard of Mumbles and we're at a loss.  I think they just made it up.  Flattering, that they wanted to use her as something, but confusing too.  It doesn't sound like a part with a lot of lines -- mumble, mumble.  Still, you never know.  If she's a lead lost boy, she may still get a lot of stage time.  It's hard to say.  She's confused... as am I, but it's certainly better than not getting anything.  She worked really hard and I think made a good impression.  They both love this group so much, they're happy to be in any part, but they did have their hopes up.   Oh well, time will tell.


  1. Maybe they split one of the larger lost boy roles?

  2. Yes, That's what we're hoping. She'd love a line or two :) If it's a lost boy though, she'll be on stage for most of the play and that's very cool... She's excited!