Friday, January 28, 2011

Student Author Exhibition & Book Signing

The student authors from my creative writing class had a chance to show off their completed novels at the Huckleberry End of Semester show and Exhibition last night.  We had a huge crowd of parents and fellow students come by our Authors' Table and take a look at all the fabulous new works of fiction these kids produced in a semester.  The students had made "advertising posters" with purchase information on them and they autographed these for potential readers.

It was a really fun night and I was so happy that these kids got to see the astonishment of all the adults in the room as they looked through the completed novels.  These students worked very hard on these projects and they deserve to have a fuss made over them!  There were many proud parents there last night and many other impressed adults buzzing about their accomplishments.

The exhibition of student work from the homeschoolers that attend Huckleberry was amazing all around.  We had so many projects displayed, it would've taken me several more hours than we had to really look them all over with the attention they deserved.  There were several hundred homeschoolers who contributed projects and the Exhibition was very impressive.  The Egypt room in particular was astounding -- complete with mummy, canopic jars, student drawn replicas of famous ancient art -- with the marvelous lighting, incense and fabrics, the ambiance was fantastic.  It really felt like you were entering an Egyptian tomb.  Kudos to Elizabeth Johnson and Cathy Riso for their amazing job with these kids!

My main focus last night was with my own students and I'm still bursting with pride for all their hard work.  5 of the 12 novelists from my class are enrolled in Sky Mountain Charter and below is a photo of just those 5 with our wonderful ES, Brenda Ramirez.  She is equally proud of these students' accomplishments and hopes to get this photo on the Sky Mountain website as well.

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