Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Closely Knit" Charlotte Van Houten

Last night my daughter had a hard time getting to sleep and came downstairs to commiserate with me a bit and grab a drink of water.  On her way back upstairs, she said, "I think I'll just read my book for awhile."  I asked what she was reading and she repeated, "my book."  Rolling my eyes, thinking this was the usual pre-teen "provide no concrete information strategy," I snarkily asked, "yes, yes.... does it have a title?"  Her answer:  "Mom, MY BOOK -- the one I WROTE!  ....Closely Knit."

Duh! If you read this blog yesterday, you know that my Creative Writing class just published 12 books.  Charlotte was in the class too and she wrote a fantastic book called, "Closely Knit," so I don't know what I could have been thinking -- of course... her book!

If you would like to buy a copy, here is the link to her "purchase" page on  Closely Knit, by Charlotte Van Houten.  If you click on the link and hit "preview" you can even read the first few pages and get a sense of the story.  Feel free to advertise this link to everyone you know and every Facebook/Twitter, etc. type account you may have.  Our marketing budget is rather less than a shoestring. J

Here's the summary from the back of the book:

Closely Knit (248 pages)
Sarah Montgomery loves her cousins, but never in her wildest dreams did she imagine they’d become her roommates.  When a fire burns down the Baker house, Sarah finds herself facing a slew of new possibilities.  Life becomes more exciting as she and her cousins use their imaginations to get into more mischief than they ever thought possible.

Me = One Very Proud Mama! J

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