Monday, January 31, 2011

Argumentative Writing & Blogging Syllabus

By Holly Van Houten

As promised, here is a more detailed look at the Argumentative Writing & Blogging course for kids 12+ that will begin next Monday at Huck!

Argumentative Blogging

2/7 -     Introduction to Blogging – Why Blog?  How to Set up Blog on Blogger.  Homework:  Set up your Blog and Write “About Me” section for Blog Sidebar.  (Create Email List)

2/14 -  Review Blog Designs!  We’ll discuss the different types of elements to include on our Blogs.  Blog address list distributed.  Homework:  Write Introductory Post:  Topic – “Writing” -- Why is it important?  How has blogging changed the way we write/read?”   

SPECIAL NOTE:  Each week, blogs posts need to be submitted by Friday of that week, unless otherwise noted.  All blog posts must be a minimum of 750 words.  Each week, students are responsible for writing their own blog post and reading the posts of all other students.  You must leave one constructive comment (each week) on each of your fellow students’ blog posts.  Post comments before class each week.  Bring your computer to class each day, as we will be reviewing blog posts in class as well.

2/21 -   Presidents’ Day (no class)

2/28 -   Thesis Statement (Syllogisms & Enthymemes).  Explaining WHY and creating detailed support.  Blog Post Topic:  Book Review. 

3/7 -     Rhetorical Appeals (Logos, Pathos & Ethos) – Blog Post Topic:  Advertising/Propaganda Analysis (Students will write blog post explaining why the appeals in a specific ad are effective).

3/14-    Propaganda & Logical Fallacies (Part 1) Students will write a (spoof) blog post using propaganda techniques discussed in class.

3/21-    Letters to the Editor – Students responded to a newspaper article involving child labor laws.

Because I was snowed in last week, I've updated the syllabus to show the revised assignment schedule. 

3/28-    Propaganda & Logical Fallacies (Part 2) Begin with short story “Love is a Fallacy” and distribute “12 Propaganda/Persuasive Techniques.”  Evaluate last week’s Propaganda Blog posts and identify techniques employed.  Begin Outlines for Persuasive Post on “Value of Teaching Propaganda Techniques.” àHomework – Complete Outlines (Due in class next week) and Begin Persuasive Post on “Value of Teaching Propaganda Techniques” – Post Rough Draft (min. 750 words) by class time next week.

4/4-      Outline and Rough Draft of Persuasive Post on Propaganda Due.  Post draft and bring Outline to class.  In-class we will review posts and revise.  Further discussion of Logical Fallacies (False Dichotomy, Ad Hominem, Red Herring, Strawman, Dicto Dimpliciter, etc.). àHomework - Publish Revised Persuasive Post on Propaganda by Friday, 4/8.  Comments due by Sunday, 4/10.

4/11-    Focus on Strong Intros & Thesis Statements, Topic Sentences – In class, we’ll revise a previous post (students will work on revising their weakest post). àHomework – Complete Revisions and write 250 word Postscript explaining changes.

4/18-    Spring Break

4/25-    Researched/Persuasive Blog Post - Focus:  Finding Sources & Support (Topic:  Student Choice).  In class we’ll choose topics and discuss taking a stance.  We’ll look for appropriate sources and begin outlines for posts. Homework- Complete Draft and post by Class Time next week (5/2).

5/2-      Draft of Researched/Persuasive Blog Post Due – We’ll evaluate drafts in class today with special focus on Incorporating Sources into your own writing. àHomework – Publish Final Draft of Blog post by Friday, 5/6.  Comments due by Sunday, 5/8.

5/9 -     Persuasive Story Post – Using narrative to make an argument.  Students will choose a position on a topic of their choice and write a “narrative” designed to persuade their readers to agree with their position.   We’ll discuss examples and techniques in class. àHomework – Publish Final Draft of Persuasive Story by Friday, 5/13.  Comments due by Sunday 5/15.

5/16 -   Persuasive Essay Post - Using the topic from last week’s persuasive story, write a formal essay supporting the position you took in last week’s narrative post.  Provide detailed support and examples for your position. (and link back to your post from last week). àHomework – Publish Final Draft of Persuasive Essay by class time next week.

5/23 -   We’ll evaluate posts from last week and discuss ideas for the future of our Blogs (Focusing on a Specialty; Publicizing Your Blog!)

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  1. This is wonderful. My daughter and I were talking about organizing a blogging / writing class next fall, and I can't tell you how happy I am that you have put this wonderful outline together. It greatly increases the chances that we'll actually do it!