Friday, December 17, 2010

Why I Keep Them.....

If you've read my blog lately, you know that my kittens are driving me to distraction, tearing up everything they get near.  They're destroying Christmas ornaments left and right, as they race up and down the insides of my tree -- scorning the expensive cat condo in the same room that we bought to satisfy their kittenish climbing instincts.... but no.  They're into the XMAS presents and they're chewing on the cords for the lights.  I don't know if they can chew through them, but they are definitely able to chew through ipod ear bud cords -- ask me how I know.

They never let me sleep.  They scratch all the furniture and are tearing up sections of the carpet. They knock over any liquid in any cup, anywhere -- especially over said carpet.  They nearly flooded the house playing with my bathtub faucet.  They climb all over the kitchen counters and seem to never tire of sucking on the Sparkletts dispenser spiggots.  And yes, they are given a constant supply of their own water -- they just prefer to drive me slowly and irrevocably insane.  They are absolutely dreadful little demons and I'm daily tempted to give them to my dogs as chew toys... but then they curl up and fall asleep and look all adorable until I decide to keep them for another day.  Aaargggh!  In order to get into this position under the tree though, they had to kick all presents previously located there out of the way.  It was the pile of strewn presents that caught my attention even before I saw them.  Rascals!


  1. Aren't kittens the cutest devils?? I had a litter of five. I had shredded curtains and everything.

  2. I love my kitties Amy, but I can't say I'll be sorry when these two are just a wee bit more geriatric.