Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Angel

This afternoon my older daughter noticed a tree bending perilously towards our neighbor's house across the street. My husband went over with the girls to let them know since the phones were out. Together they shook the snow off the tree and tied it back. Then they went in the neighbor's house for some Christmas cookies and a little visit and while they were there, our neighbor showed them the picture below. The photo was taken by him on Christmas Eve when he had noticed what looked like the shape of an angel on our roof.  He figured it was a shadow, but couldn't see anything that could be casting such a shadow.  Looking closer, he realized that the melting frost was making that shape. It was melting only in the outline of an angel and only on that one section of the dome (sun doesn't get to that section most of the winter).  He couldn't think of any practical reason for it -- and since he's a Biology Professor, his scientific inquiry chops are certainly sharper than mine.  He took several pictures and emailed this one to us tonight. So, for whatever reason, we had a rather distinct form of an angel with wings on our roof this Christmas!  Any theories?
The wings are very distinct, but if you look carefully, you can see what looks like a large triangle between them with a little circle shape on top of it.  If you're really looking (& using a bit of imagination, you can see a cross in the middle of the triangle) -- I think it's pretty cool.  I'm sure like an inkblot, different people would see different things, but that's how I like to think of it.

On the other side of this wall is our daughters' room.  This is the side where Gracie sleeps -- Gracie's middle name is Angelina -- which makes the whole thing even more intriguing :)


  1. It may depend on what that room is or what is in it. Without knowing, I'd guess duct work.

  2. No duct work -- actually, this is the wall of my younger daughter's bedroom. Her middle name is Angelina -- just to deepen the coincidence...

  3. I TOTALLY believe we all have "angels" watching over us. It just seems that you guys got a more tangible reminder. This actually reminded ME of a Christmas Eve in Monterey, CA a few years ago at my In-Laws home there. There was a gaggle of kids from various related families, and one by one, each reported the presence of a "face" in the window by their Christmas Tree. Of course, everyone's curiosity was aroused, each individual postulating some plausible theory for the "shape" in the window. However, as each person "saw for themselves", a true spirit of wonder descending over the entire house. No one was afraid; no one concerned. In point of fact, everyone was comforted in some unexplainable way. Holiday "spirit"?

  4. I'm with you Cathy -- I've always thought we each had a guardian angel. I like your story of holiday spirit too -- these are all nice reminders of something greater than ourselves.