Friday, December 3, 2010

Elves In My House!

They're baaaaaccck!  It happens every year.  One day, everything's going along in our house as usual.  We wake up to a semi-orderly house (well, at least in my fantasies we do), eat breakfast, homeschool, play, etc., etc., etc.  But, every December 1st -- things change!


They arrive sometime in the night, carrying luggage and sleeping bags my kids have made for the little beggars during previous visits.  That first night seems calm enough, but that's just to lull you into a false sense of security.  The trouble begins the following evening and every evening after that until they return to the north pole on Christmas Eve and presents appear beneath the tree.

Yeah, I know.  They look all innocent and sweet and everything, but just wait:  Mischief. Rascality. Shenanigans. Sculldugery. Sabotage.  You name it.  Every night while they're here, they get into something.

One night they hung my husband's boxer shorts all over the Christmas tree.  Another night, they wrote Merry Christmas and drew candy canes and such all over our bathroom mirror --- in TOOTHPASTE!  On and on it goes.  They're ALWAYS into something.  Last night, they decided to get into our "straws and connectors" set and  and after strewing them, literally ALL over the living room, came up with towers & tunnels, in which my daughters have apparently become trapped -- unable to do a single math problem or writing assignment:

Distraught by the anguish, clearly showing on their faces, I offered to call for the jaws of life.  It seemed pretty obvious to me that the elves had dragged them into this abyss and were holding them there against their will!  But, no.  Kiddos assured me they could and would emerge when they were good and ready.  They will also clean.  That's the deal.  I only allow these elfish homewreckers back each year because the kids have VOWED to clean up all their mischief each morning.

So far, they've always done so -- which is the only reason the elves are still here.  For my part, I continue to responsibly try to shift my children's attention away from the elves and back to their studies -- but, I'll be honest -- it's not looking good.  How can sentence diagramming hope to compete with the HMS ELF?

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  1. Funny, seems like we have elves in our house year-round causing overnight mischief and mayhem. Where do they come from? What do they do with all of the socks, pens and pencils? Your elves seem much cooler and have a much bigger flair for the dramatic than ours. Our elves just mess the place up in a subtle, tedious kind of way, as if they don't care if they are noticed.