Monday, December 12, 2011

Knitted Christmas Ornaments

Last night I found myself unexpectedly caught up on my work and since I still had a few hours left in the day, I thought I'd try making a Christmas Ornament.  It's something I've been planning to do for awhile, but hadn't had time to get to it.  Why knitted XMAS ornaments?  Simple - Cats.  My cats have decided my Christmas tree is their climbing toy.  They can't figure out why it's only available to them once a year, but they're mighty determined to climb to its tippety-top every few minutes, shaking as many ornaments to the floor as possible.  Aggravated? Me?

My solution has been to try to hang only a very few breakable ornaments and to keep them as close to the bottom of the tree as possible -- so they don't have as far to fall.  My hope is that the carpet will cushion their fall and preserve them.  Having lost about 20 nice glass balls last year, I've learned my lesson.  Since our newest cat is a mere 8 months old and cats can live as long as twenty years, I've decided I need a new approach to Christmas ornaments.  This one took me about 3 hours actually.  It's fairly fiddly -- fair isle and all, but I like the way it turned out.  Somewhere in the back of my head, I have this delusion that maybe I could churn out one a day until Christmas (various patterns and colors -- here's the one I used this time).  They have all kinds of cute patterns, including this one for Christmas lights that I'd like to make:
 They have a multitude of darling patterns for ornaments, including a popcorn, cranberry string.  I really like the holly and the candy cane in the picture below and Charlotte wants the elf.  So, this ought to keep me busy for the next five years or so.  Now I need to find some cat repellent spray to keep my climbing cats from using them as cat toys.  Anyone know of any such scent?

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  1. LOVE it! I'm determined to learn a needle-craft skill in 2012!