Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dear George,

There are so many things I like about this picture, Mr. Lucas!

First and foremost, you are knitting.  Love that!  This makes total sense to me too.  You are a creator and a thoughtful, contemplative type.  Of course you knit.  I can tell you find it soothing.

Also, you knit in public. Thank you -- you just made it a thousand times cooler for men to knit!  That light saber thing -- it wasn't a phallic symbol at all was it?  Nope -- intergalactic representation of a knitting needle.  You are definitely a guy that understands deeper mythological meanings.  I can see why you and Joseph Campbell are so tight.

Most impressive of all (though it's hard to be sure from the picture), it appears you are knitting a sock!  Don't know if that's a self-striping yarn or what, but it's looking sharp.  You've clearly been a knitter for some time and have developed quite a bit of proficiency.  Even if it turns out to be a scarf, I'm still impressed and pleased.  Most people don't realize the knitting history of socks and that men used to be the only ones allowed to join the Renaissance knitting guilds that professionally made socks.  You have found your place in a great tradition, again.

Lastly, you are knitting at a Starbucks -- combining two of my greatest loves:  yarn and coffee.  Bless your heart!  Linda Ronstadt was a fool I tell you... a fool to dump you!

Your admiring and now duly impressed fan, H

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