Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wine Sock!

What?  Like you don't have socks for your wine?  You know you want one. J  I'm telling you -- this thing is just crazy cool!  Now, I say that about all kinds of hand knit designs, but I think we can all agree that a well-socked wine is an idea whose time has come!

Socks are cozy, but I couldn't quite bear to call this a wine cozy.  Cozies are for tea.  Wine needs something a little more hip and for me that's socks.  This little baby happens to be a gift for my youngest of younger brothers, who turned 29 earlier this week.  Last I heard he was having a swinging party tonight, so he'd better not stop to read this blog before I see him tomorrow around noon.  I am counting on a very, very late night and maybe a slight hangover to keep him off the computer until then.

If you are not so lucky as to have a sister who will knit socks for your wine, you needn't suffer and feel deprived.  You too can knit a wine sock:  the pattern for this jazzy creation is here.  I made mine with Noro Silk Garden:  Color #47.  It took almost an entire skein and if I'd wanted a longer tie I probably could've used the whole thing.  I just didn't want to have to tie a bow on it.  If I do a cutesy pink one someday, I'll go a bit wilder with bows and such.

You'll note that the pattern designer does in fact call this a wine cozy -- but I forgive her for that because she took the seaming out of this project and for that I really am quite grateful.  Variations of this have been around for quite some time in a variety of gorgeous designs.  But almost all are knit flat for some weird reason.  I just can't knit a circular object flat and think straight. So, I was grateful to find a simple version, knit in the round, that did the job quite nicely.

You know you want one!

And Nick, if you're reading this before you've received your gift - act surprised :)


  1. This is amazingly beautiful! I am still desperately trying to learn to knit. Caroline is learning crochet at school--how cool is that? Her teacher's mother comes to their classroom every week and teaches the kids. :-)

  2. Love it and I love Noro Silk Garden! Gorgeous color. I'm sure Nicky loved it as well.