Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mindless Needling - Basic, But Beautiful, Socks

Sometimes you just need an easy, no brainer-type project.  Over the last week or so, this pair of socks filled that niche for me.  They're just a basic ribbed pattern knit from a stunning yarn by Colinette's Jitterbug (Copperbeech).  As usual, the flash on my camera does a wicked job of over-brightening colors.  In reality the brown on these is more of a deepish brown/red and the colors mixed in (reds, blues and yellows) are far more subtle than they appear in my photo.  The picture below is far more accurate:

The yarn is 100% merino and was really nice to work with.  Even nicer was not needing much of a pattern. It's spring break here and I truly needed mindless knitting I could truck along on vacation without much effort.  This fit the bill and they fit my feet -- super comfy.


  1. My wife loves to make Christmas stockings for all our children and their spouses when the spouse joins the family. Where is a place that I can get her good quality cotton yarn to make two new stockings or our two new daughter-in-laws?

  2. Yes, Paradise Fibers has great yarn, as does Jimmy Beans Wool, Webs, The Woolery and many others.