Sunday, April 6, 2014

Advantages of Homeschooling - Part Three: Socialization

'Vantage Number Three:  Socialization!  

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As important as academics are to me, I'm always astonished that the first question every asks about homeschooling is... what about socialization?  My kids have more social opportunities than we could possibly ever keep up with. From the time they were toddlers, I took them to homeschool park groups -- they're easy to find in every area.  My kids met other kids and I met Moms who were homeschooling.  We all had fun.  We've gone on week long campouts to Big Bear, 4-night beach campouts and our annual CHN homeschool conference weekends.  We've gone on more field trips with these groups than I can count. Usually 1-2 a week for years.  Museums, universities, hiking trails, boating events, pumpkin patches, botanical gardens, the list is endless.  Right now, my kids have rehearsals at least twice a week with their homeschool orchestra. They just did a performance last week and will do several more at hospitals, retirement homes, churches, malls (anyone who will listen, basically), over the next month.  My youngest daughter goes to a week long fiddle camp every year up north.  

My kids have tons of friends, but..... unlike at school, they're friends are not all born within the same year they were!  They have friends all over the map: older, younger, same age, adults, etc.  They are in the world and not locked in a classroom all day.  They benefit greatly by mentoring the younger kids and being mentored themselves.  Parents are never too far, so bullying, etc. is very minimal, especially the really mean, kind that kids can suffer from in middle/high school. People have told me that shielding my children from this kind of abuse will hurt them because they won't know how to face the "real" world.  This is total BS.  Never, at any time, after leaving junior high or high school, have I ever encountered the kind of petty, soul-shredding bullying that young kids manage to inflict on one another.... not in college, not in the workplace, nowhere.  The real world is not like that at all.  I figure, why not skip that nonsense.  It's brutal if you're at the bottom or even mid-way up the social ladder and if you're at the top, I think it's even worse. 

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