Saturday, January 11, 2014

Writing Resolutions

We're well into January of 2014 and I still haven't fulfilled my resolution to write more this year.  So much seems to get in the way -- mostly family and work obligations.  I've decided to declare my intentions here in order to feel a little more culpable if my follow through fails.

For my work, I tutor and teach writing to others for much of the week and my newest job is transcribing the words of others.  It pays remarkably well, for a transcription job, but when my fingers are sore at the end of the day, I can't help wishing they were sore from my own creative efforts. I hope to change many things this year and focusing on my own writing needs to become a serious priority.

This last year, my creativity was stimulated by a ton of reading.  I took the "Goodreads" challenge and read over 100 books and with almost all of them I kept thinking -- "I need to do this!"  My daughters both successfully completed NANOWRIMO last year and I was so very proud of them, but in the back of my mind, I was also thinking "I need to do this!"  I figure when a call becomes that insistent, it's time to pay attention.  I don't know where I'll find the time this year, but I will find it. Even if my writing has to happen in fits and starts, 20 minutes here, 40 minutes there, I will do it.  

Blog posting is a fantastic way to keep disciplined, so renewing my efforts with this blog will be part of my plan.  I'll write entries on homeschooling, my own writing, the writing I teach to others, the books I'm reading and anything else that seems pertinent.  Even if time is short, I'll make the effort and get something online.  This is my resolution:  always writing.

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