Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Knitted Cupcakes and Creatures

As you can see from the cupcake picture at the left -- we've chosen to spend our spring break with needles and yarn.  These are the creations of my 13yo daughter and they're so darn cute I can hardly stand it.  I need to get her a clear muffin pan to display them in because the gross one I use to cook actual muffins doesn't display the colorful bottoms.  

She's been on a knitting jag that seems unstoppable.  She's much more tolerant of fiddly patterns than I am and has managed to make a menagerie of knitted animals!
This darling fellow was designed to be a friend to her pink stuffed flamingo named "Floyd" (get it... Pink Floyd :)  Anyway, he's primarily purple and I am in awe!

I knit this elephant, but my daughter has taken on the task of designing his wardrobe... er... "her" wardrobe, I guess.
This is just a small battalion of the ARMY of piggies that have taken over my daughter's brain.  She's knitting this obsessively round the clock.  My favorite is the teeny, tiny one.  I'll try to get her to do a close up photo of that one, so you can see it's darlingness.
Here is this morning's addition -- just too sweet for words.  I think these will be popular among her friends.
This little duck needs a better photograph, but you get the idea.  Purple is popular lately!
And, just in time for Easter... her version of the colored egg... except these won't ever grow rotten -- I want a basket-full!
And I've saved the best for last.  This was her own design and I absolutely love it -- "A Useful Pot to Put Things In"  -- I want one of these too!

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  1. Wow! Is there nothing that girl can't do when she puts her mind to it? How awesomely cute are those? I am just a tad jealous of her mad knitting skillz!