Friday, November 18, 2011

Creative Writing and Keyboarding Games

Wednesdays: 2pm
Ages 9-12
Are you the kind of typist who has to hunt and peck for every letter?  Slow and frustrating isn’t it?  We all know the value of computer keyboarding skills, but not everyone realizes how much proper keyboarding technique and high typing speeds improve your writing skills.  Word processors are essential to writing in our internet age and revision (the key to all strong writing) happens far more often if students can type as fast they think.  So, why don’t all students have these skills?  Well, “Learn to Type” computer software can get boring very fast.  This class will teach students proper QWERTY keyboarding skills through games and creative writing!  We’ll learn proper finger placement through games like “Typing Football,” “Story Starters,” “Keyboard Bingo” “Dinosaur Duels,” “Keyboarding Baseball,” “Simon Says,” and many others.  We won’t however, just be giving our fingers a good workout, we’ll be stretching our creative writing muscles as well as we learn how to craft a well organized story.  We’ll use plot outlines and story-idea maps to help us sketch outlines of our stories and then we’ll create interesting characters and settings to keep our readers enthralled.  Our big project for the class will be compiling a portfolio of each student’s best stories to show our friends at Huck during the End of Semester show!  This is a wonderful creative writing opportunity for students and will allow them to pick up those all in important typing skills as well.  For students to write with ease, they really need to be able to type as fast as think.  This class will get students on the road to improving these essential skills. 

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