Friday, March 11, 2011

An Earth Shaking Reminder

Back in October, in honor of "The Great California Shake Out," I published a post entitled, "My Pesky Neighbor:  The San Andreas Fault."  It contains important earthquake preparedness info, so I thought I'd link to it again today as we all reel from the news coverage of Japan's horrific 8.9 earthquake and ensuing tsunami.  The images are frightening and an awfully good reminder that we're overdue here in California for something similar, though please God, not so catastrophic or enormous.  The big Ft. Tejon quake on the San Andreas in 1857 was 7.9.  Far smaller than Japan's quake yesterday, but as I rode out the 6.7 Northridge Earthquake of '94 in stunned terror, my mind boggles at the thought of anything larger.

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