Monday, February 14, 2011


I knit these cozy, fingerless mitts for my stepmother - "Nanny," hoping they'd keep her hands warm and her fingers free while she teaches my daughters their piano.  They're called "Fetching," as the cables that enclose the wrists and the very top, twist "fetchingly" toward the thumbs.  I finished these over a week ago, but couldn't post pictures until after her birthday.  She reports that indeed they keep her hands comfy and warm and that she even wears them to sleep sometimes.  I figure adding a little warmth to those hands is the very least I can do as they are frequently employed in loving care of my father, myself and my girls.  I chose the softest yarn I could find -- a blend of alpaca and silk in natural colors... the perfect fit for someone so naturally loving and beautiful!


  1. Gorgeous! And I'd recognize that wedding ring anywhere. I still remember seeing it for the first time (how old was I?) and hearing the pair of them describe how they are one (two?) of a kind, made just for them. Is there anyone in the world nicer than Nancy? I don't think so.