Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Wit and Wisdom of Anne Lamott

I've always had to be careful where I read Anne Lamott's books.  I'm not a big guffaw(er) type, but she can always make me laugh out loud unexpectedly -- a dangerous thing if you're drinking coffee or quietly reading in study hall type settings.  Less distracting though, is her ability to make me nod my head in agreement -- another thing I don't often do.  Her article in today's L.A. Times got me on both counts.  I'm still cleaning coffee stains off my computer screen...

She includes some great lines about recent disturbing female politicos:

"Nor do I want to hear another judgmental word about Mrs. Palin, Mrs. Angle or the astonishing Miss O'Donnell. These women are the three finest natural comediennes to hit the national scene in decades. No one else has come close to bringing me the number of laughs that these gifted conservative women have. Every day brings new one-liners and mirthful observations from one of them, and these never fail to lift my spirits. In fact, some days Sarah Palin is the only thing that keeps me going."

She continues with other wittily on target things to say about the current political scene and as usual gets right to the salient points.   My favorite book of hers, Bird by Bird, is filled with the best sort of "just get to it" writing advice I've seen and this article takes a similar approach to politics.  She cuts to the main point of it all and I for one, very much appreciate her efforts to re-focus people's attention.

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